How to Stop Liking Someone?

Answer Is there a guy who you really like but wish to stop liking? Read on for some tips on how to do so.

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How to Make Someone Stop Liking You?

Like the movie "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", there are ways to make people break up with you if you don't have the nerve to break up with them yourself. Although it is difficult, depending on the... Read More »

Is there a way that I can stop someone from liking and commenting on my posts?

You could ask her in a polite way to NOT comment or like any of your posts. Tell her that as a teen, it's embarrassing when your friends see all her comments and likes and they make fun of you for... Read More »

How to Get a Girl to Stop Liking You?

This is a pretty tough issue... and there is not much that you can do to change a person's feelings. However, there are things you can do to keep her from thinking you like her.

How to Get a Guy Who You Hate to Stop Liking You?

Is the weirdest guy in school/church/some sort of club hitting on you? Is he trying to get you to like him but there's not a chance of a single date that you'll go on with him? Is he as clingy to y... Read More »