How do you stop incense from smoking?

Answer Incenses are essential oils, which can evaporate if the sticks are not used for a long time. What is left is just the smoking mix. Probably your sticks are old. Try a fresh lot Store sealed in the ... Read More »

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Is smoking herbal incense bad?

Smoking anything is harmful to your lungs. It is just best not to smoke.

How do I stop my mum and dad from smoking?

I had to deal with the same thing.I wrote ''STOP SMOKING'' on a bunch of post-it notes and stuck them a round the house until they stopped.Be stubborn and good luck.

How can i stop my dad from smoking?

You can''s something he'll have to tackle when he's ready.You have no right to throw away his cigarettes or preach to him like you're holier than thou.I don't mean to sound abrasive, but that... Read More »

How do I stop my dad from smoking.?

The thing is, you don't "make" anyone do anything. If he wants to stop, he will. For being intelligent, some people can act SO stupid. That said, this is trite but true: you can lead a horse to wat... Read More »