How do you stop getting sexually aroused at work...?

Answer Its me 'ormones Nick, me bleeding 'ormones.

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How do I stop myself from getting aroused while listening to this song?

Paul fantasizing about George? Talk about a scandal! jkI know the part you're talking about! I don't have the same reaction, it just sounds like someone weeping to me. Try listening to the Living i... Read More »

How to Stop Getting Hit on at Work?

Have you ever been hit-on at work by creepy customers or annoying co-workers? Here are some tips on how to eliminate that un-wanted attention!

How to Stop Sexually Harassing Women?

Male or female, as humans we are born to be physically attracted to other members of our species. Such is the nature of all animals, but sometimes it's hard to resist physical urges to touch, check... Read More »

What are ways you can help a sexually abused child work through the trauma?

"Believe them understand them to find their hearts.""Abused children are going to be traumatized by adults for the rest of there lifes" You can tell them there are good people. You can help them w... Read More »