How do you stop getting emails from the app store?

Answer You go to the settings icon and click on notifications a switch will appear you flip that switch so that it says no

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Is there a way to stop getting emails from facebook without canceling account!?

Oh, yeah! You DO NOT need to cancel your account to NOT GET NOTIFICATIONS.Simply:1. log in2. click "my account" at the top right3. click "notifications" and choose what you DO and DO NOT want t... Read More »

What is the advantage of buying an iPhone from the Mac store as opposed to getting it from an Att store?

Nothing the pricing is all the samego for the iPhone 3Gs because its faster and easier to use!MrKgkwl

What can stop you from getting pregnant can eating rocks stop you from getting pregnant?

Not if you are a goldfish or a polar bear. But if you are human, YES!Sex, just for the sake of sex is not right. That's one of the things that raises humans above other mammals. Sex should be saved... Read More »

Is anyone else getting Emails from eBay and Paypal that appear real, but are fakes?

Protect yourself from fraudulent (spoof) emails Some members have reported receiving deceptive emails claiming to come from eBay or other trusted companies. The people who send these emails (also k... Read More »