How do you stop earwigs nesting in the soil near leaf lettuces?

Answer They are difficult to prevent, but you can trap and later kill them by laying rolled up cardboard ( corrugated is good) which they like to congregate in.

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Earwigs, Earwigs everywhere... HELP!!?

Have I got something for you. I tried this this year after earwigs had chewed all my marigolds down to a skeleton this spring. This really does work. I put a baby food jar out on Monday afternoon a... Read More »

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Pigeons are opportunistic, persistent birds. Once they pick a place they like, they tend to return year after year. Continuous visitation by pigeons can cause damage to property. They leave droppin... Read More »

Is soil generally powdery near wetlands?

Let me clear up a few misleading statements in the other answers. First, the basics: Soils are made up of three mineral components categorized by particle size: sand, silt, and clay. An even mix... Read More »