How do you stop children from opening the front door?

Answer Answer Stores sell inexpensive round plastic covers that go over the door knob. You have to squeeze it pretty good to open the door. Little kids hands aren't normally big enough to squeeze the k... Read More »

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My CD-RW drive door keeps opening and closing by itself - as in every few seconds or so. How can I stop it?

Boot into safe mode (F8 as it is booting). Be patient as it takes longer. Once you are in safe mode be aware that some things won't work plus your screen will look different - this is only a temp... Read More »

What we can do as of Condo owners to stop our downstair neighbor from complaining regarding walking talking and opening balcony door after 11 pm?

Unless your Condominium documents contain some kind of covenant or established rule or regulation that addresses this matter, your neighbor has no valid grounds to complain. However - if your docu... Read More »

How to Switch a Door From Right Opening to Left Opening?

A right opening door is one that, when opened, swings to the right. It is also a door that is grabbed with your right hand to open it. Doors open into the room in which you are entering. If the roo... Read More »

How to Stop the Rattle in the Front Doors of a Four Door Jeep Wrangler?

Many owners of the four-door Jeep Wrangler have experienced an annoying rattle that may come from either the driver or passenger side of the vehicle. The rattle is not only bothersome, but may beco... Read More »