How do you stop cats from going bathroom in potted plants?

Answer well first of all is your cat an outside or ever was an outside cat?if there used to going outside they'll look for that same type of ground to go potty on... just be glad hes not going on your fav... Read More »

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Potted Ivy Plants?

Growing ivy in pots indoors gives the room a delicate look and brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Ivy is also useful in pots in your patio area, as a topiary plant or climbing a fence or wall. Iv... Read More »

How to Keep a Cat out of Potted Plants?

If you have a kitten and she is destroying your plants follow these steps:

Potted Cactus Plants?

Cactus are succulent plants that can survive in long periods of drought. These plants' various adaptations included a hard-walled, succulent stem where water is stored. The stem interior is spongy ... Read More »

Potted Vine Plants?

The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service warns that many types of vines can become invasive in your garden because of their quick growing rate and their tendency to spread. Growing vines... Read More »