How do you stop an allergic reaction to citrus fruits?

Answer I saw a dermatologist yesterday for a rash around my lips that I've had for 2 weeks, and she determined that it's from eating citrus. (I eat a grapefruit or orange nearly daily.) She told me to sto... Read More »

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What r hard fruits soft fruits stone fruits citrus tropical?

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Am I having an allergic reaction?

Yes it seems like you are. You can develop an allergic reaction over time, so that would explain why you where fine before. Or maybe you took more than you usually take.Take Benadryl until your sym... Read More »

Allergic reaction to lisinopril?

if it's a reaction to the lisinopril, the rash/swelling should go away within about 2-3 days after stopping the med

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to medication?

Unless your woo woo falls off I wouldn't worry ;-)I hope you have your buzzer on V.......EDIT-You SO have a thang for that woo woo studtsrtrickleEDIT2- You have a woo woo in your mout... Read More »