How do you stop a headache without using drugs?

Answer Try to sleep it off.

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How to Treat a Headache Without Drugs?

Having a headache is bad enough, but sometimes you'd prefer to avoid the side effects of the drugs prescribed to treat it. Here are a few surprisingly simple actions that may give you some relief.

How to get high without using drugs?

Start jogging. Jogging stimulates the endorphins in your brain and gives you a natural high. The high that runners get is addicting. That's why runners/joggers find it difficult to cut from thei... Read More »

How do you stop back pains without the use of drugs/pain killers?

Heat pads, stretching, massage, and physical therapy helped me.

Whats a natural way to get high without using drugs?

If you want to get high, step up on a ladder. If you want euphoria drink more coffee or find a tea that has lots of caffine. I think your choice of words is misleading. Do you want to get high o... Read More »