How do you stop a finger from bleeding?

Answer Apply direct pressure to stop the bleeding.Clean the wound thoroughly and apply an antibacterial ointment (like neosporin).If the wound is not too deep, wrap it with a band-aid. However, if it is t... Read More »

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How can I stop my finger from bleeding?

you did not press long enough, pressure must be applied for at least 15 minutes, sometimes 20 to stop bleeding. Have you had a tetanus shot in the last seven years? If not, you'd better call your... Read More »

What is the fastest way to stop bleeding from slitting my finger with paper?

run cold water on the way did you get my e-mail, my computer hasn't been acting right here lately.

If you pull off a hang nail on your finger and suck on it to make it stop bleeding can it get infected from?

Unfortunately yes, but this is because fingernails and nail beds harbor tons of bacteria just think about all the things you touch throughout the day. I am a nail biter and i have never gotten an i... Read More »

I cut my finger how do i stop it bleeding?

Hey there:)I am a lifeguard and I see this thing all the time :PBasically,you need to apply pressure to the wound, make sure it clean and put a plaster or tight bandage on it. Depending how you cut... Read More »