How do you stop Facebook to send you notice through your email?

Answer Under Account settings (the 2nd link at the very top right corner of Facebook), go to the Notifications tab.Here you can control the majority of e-mailed notifications. You will also have to manual... Read More »

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How to Send Ringtones to Your Cell Phone Through Email?

Most cell phones allow you to add a new ringtone by sending a binary ringtone code over the Internet, either by email or through an SMS gateway. Here's how to send your own songs quickly to your ph... Read More »

What is this Facebook Legal Notice Email?

It's a scam. Facebook can use your name, and pic, ect... Because people never read the entire terms & conditions thing... So just delete it, and don't reply... If anything is real you would hear ab... Read More »

How to Stop Facebook Notification Emails & Updates Sent to Your Email?

By default, Facebook sends notifications by email whenever certain events occur, such as comments on your posts and being tagged in a photograph. If you want to stop receiving these emails, change ... Read More »

How to Send Big Files Through Email?

Many types of files are often too large to send via email. Videos, pictures and PDF documents are apt to be huge in their original state. Not only are big attachments more difficult for the recipie... Read More »