How do you start the process to "juice" for weight loss?

Answer Take it from me, based on hours of personal research, you are making the biggest mistake of your life if you decide to buy a juicer. You need to buy a BLENDER instead. Juicing disregards all forms ... Read More »

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How does lemon juice promote weight loss?

Hi,I've been helping people stay healthy for a more than 20 years and I can tell you that losing weight requires a combination of both exercise and caloric restriction but with a proper nutrition b... Read More »

Is Acai Berry Juice Good for Weight Loss?

On One Hand: Nutritionally SoundFresh acai fruit or high-quality, freeze-dried preparations have an excellent nutritional profile. The pulp, including the skin, has been found to contain approximat... Read More »

How to Jump-Start Weight Loss?

One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight is getting started. Sometimes just the thought of starting a diet can make you turn the other way and head for the kitchen. The key to any successful d... Read More »

When should my weight loss start showing?

You'd still lose weight. Because, when you use a diet pill like Phentramin-D, it will help your body metabolism to burn body fat faster. While, doing so, it keeps your body energy levels at an opti... Read More »