How do you start labor at 37 weeks?

Answer The doctor gives you medication to soften the cervix and a drop to start contractions. Starting labor, and especially before you are due at 37 weeks, is something only doctors do.

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Im 35 weeks and im 3 cm and 100 effaced when will labor start and should you take castor oil to start it?

You are still a couple weeks off of wanting to have ur baby. If i were you I would wait one more week...i know that sounds like alot but im 2cm dialated 60 percent effaced and 33 weeks and they put... Read More »

When can labor start at 37 weeks?

Answer A normal pregnancy lasts 38-40 weeks. Starting at 37 weeks is not too much to worry about - lots and lots of babies come early.

How can you start your labor if you are 37 weeks pregnant?

Answer 38 weeks is the safest time for the baby to be born but intercourse will help labor come because the sperm will help your cervix thin just like when they do in the hospital with cervadil... Read More »

How much sex do you need to start labor im 38 weeks and my belly is as hard as a rock please help.?