How do you start labor and deliver in 24 hours?

Answer It would not be surprising if not expected even...

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How long does it take to deliver once your labor has been induced?

Answer I have three children and all three were induced. For example my last one, I was induced on the Friday morning and didn't have him until the early hours of Sunday. They give you a drug to... Read More »

Does the post office deliver mail on Labor Day?

The U.S. Postal Service does not deliver mail on Labor Day. The postal service does not deliver mail on federal holidays, which include Labor Day and nine other national holidays.References:United ... Read More »

How many hours does it take the average woman to deliver her baby?

What do you do when you've been in labor for 10 hours.?

Colostrum extraction has no bearing on the ability to breastfeed, Generally as long as you are able to get a good clean latch, and the baby is extracting milk properly, then you should have no pro... Read More »