How do you start growing in a really old garden?

Answer You pull out dead plants and plant new ones.

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Why does a plant growing in a pot get affected by mineral shortages than a plant growing in the garden?

a plant growing in a pot cannot supply minerals of its own,whereas in a garden there are plenty of minerals in the soil.

Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Garden?

Mushrooms have all sorts of uses whether it be for decorative, dining or medicinal purposes. However, though they are useful to us, most people think that they are an eyesore and a hazard in their ... Read More »

Tips for growing an organic garden?

you need to learn about planting in the correct season, lettuce, peas and radish are spring plants and will not grow well with the summer plants.Onions and leeks need to have been planted by early ... Read More »

What is growing in your garden?

Artichokes, strawberries, lettuces, kale, chard, blueberries, mustard, green onions, chives, tarragon, rosemary, sage, parsley, thyme, basil, mint, peppermint, oregano, marjoram, celery, red and gr... Read More »