How do you split cable between 2 tvs?

Answer Get a cable splitter. Go to Walmart, Target, Radio Shack. It is cheap to get one.

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How to split screen with an HDMI cable between laptop and TV monitor?

You should be able to get by with an hdmi video switch like this one…Not saying this one in particular but just as an example.Unless you were suggesting th... Read More »

Cable tv experts: how do you TEST those CABLE LINE SPLITTERS, the ones that split the cable to go to 2 tvs?

There is a 3.5 DBmv loss going through a two-way splitter. NOT 6. On a 3-way splitter, there is a loss of 3.5 dbmv on one port with a 7dbmv attenuation on the other two ports. The 3.5dbmv loss is... Read More »

Starting from an hdtv cable box using a split cable going to the pip output can you connect another tv to the pip output and get an hdtv picture on the other tv?

Answer Hi, It really depends on your PIP output on the cable box and whether or not the output is HDTV or standard TV. And in some cases, the PIP output will only display non-HDTV channels, depen... Read More »

How to Split One End of an RCA Cable?

RCA cables are used to transmit both analog audio and composite video signals from electronic devices such as televisions, DVD players and VCRs. However, you may want to send the same signal to two... Read More »