How do you split a string of text to show up in 2 different textboxes in VB NET?

Answer Depends on whether the two specific portions of data in the text string are always in the same location and/or the same length.Using the sample text string in your question, try the following: TxtD... Read More »

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Extract text from text string in Excel?

Hi,As a starting point, the formula to pull out the text within the tags is (assuming A1 contains the text):=MID(A1,SEARCH("",A1,1)+8, (SEARCH("",A1,1))- (SEARCH("",A1,1)+8))Hope this helps as a ... Read More »

How to Split a String?

String is available in lots of sizes from small to large but sometimes you have a project that requires a small string and you don't have any. One way to acquire a smaller string is by separating o... Read More »

How to Split String in Java?

Before Java 1.4, StringTokenizer was used to split String in Java. After JDK 1.4, the use of StringTokenizer is discouraged, and instead the String.split(...) method or use of java.util.regex packa... Read More »

How to Split String in Javascript?

The split() method is used to split a string into an array of sub-strings, and returns the new array. It is supported by all major browsers.