How do you split a house plant to big for it's pot?

Answer depends on the type of plant

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Can you split a rosemary plant?

How do I split an aloe plant in two?

PreparationCarefully remove potting medium or soil from half of the aloe plant and its roots.CuttingWith a sharp knife, cut the aloe plant down the middle. Cut through the crown and the roots as eq... Read More »

Is the bird's nest fern a house plant or an outdoor plant?

Bird's nest fern grows outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 through 11. The plants prefer high humidity and temperatures between 70-90 degrees F. The limited outdoor growing environment and need for ... Read More »

How many floors does a split level house have?

Split level - it means that at least one "floor" is on more than one level - now does that make it two floors or one 'split' floor. Often if a house is split on one floor it will have split leve... Read More »