How do you spend the rest of you month or year without cable?

Answer there are many ways to full our free time without cable...1.You can take up a hobby.2.You can go out with friends.3.You can start reading a book.4.You can have a dog.5.You can learn cooking and try... Read More »

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How much does a family spend on Direct TV cable each year?

You can make upto 2500 a week by selling custom installs like bucket mounts and pole mounts and working 6 days a week. Not bad at all

How to Calculate in Your Head the Month when You Know the Rest of the Date?

We've all heard of some people who can calculate, quickly (i.e., less than 2 seconds), precisely and in their heads, the Day of the Week for any date. As few as they are in number, virtually none o... Read More »

How much, on average, do you spend on gas per. month?

What do you spend on average dining out each month?