Can you paint oil over latex&vice-versa?

Answer Although you may be nervous about painting latex over oil, it can be done with the proper prepping techniques. If you are trying to paint a wall, wash it with water and then use paint scrapers to ... Read More »

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How to Be a Tomboy and Date a Tomgirl and Vice Versa?

Did you never really have a preference for dolls? Would you prefer to swim in a creek or climb a tree? Do you engage in programs that are typically directed at boys than girls? Do you have your eye... Read More »

How many grams are in an ounce or vice versa?

According to Ask Numbers, there are 28.3495231 grams, which is a metric unit of measurement, to one ounce, which is an Imperial unit. The same website also states that there are 0.0352739619 ounces... Read More »

Why do hot/cute girls end up turning ugly and vice-versa?

becuase the good looking people think they will stay hott forever, and when they start doing drugs and getting drunk every night it fadesand then the ugly people get sick of being ugly, and they wa... Read More »

Do you like Macs more than PCs or vice versa and why?

PC means Personal Computer. A Mac is a PC too. I think you mean Windows vs Mac. In that case, Windows is better because I can play games and run work applications.