How to Use IE Spell to Spell Check on Yahoo! Messenger?

Answer Internet Explorer (IE) is the Windows default web browser and it comes with a built-in spell-checking function. Whenever a word is mistyped, a red line appears underneath the word. This spell-check... Read More »

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Ridiculous Questions?

WHAT???? ARE YOU SAYING MY QUESTIONS ARE RIDICULOUS?!!!! GRRR... Just kidding. I do believe that a lot of "askers" ask the dumb or ridiculous questions just to get a rise out of people. Sometimes, ... Read More »

Is 350+ friends on Facebook ridiculous?

It's pathetic! I've only got 11 and they are actually people I know. Nobody has 300 friends, that is just ridiculous!


You yourself can look at this new meter and see how much you are using at the moment. How did they "calculate" 23 units/day? Have you has your side of the system checked for any leaks?As for the in... Read More »

Most ridiculous comments you ever got?

1. "So you just eat fish, right?"2. "Have some stir-fry-- there's not much meat in it."3. "That means you can't eat nuts, either, doesn't it?"4. "I thought vegetarians were supposed to be thin.... Read More »