What Are My Tax Liabilities As a SSI Disability Recipient?

Answer Tax liabilities on disability payments depend on any other income that may be coming into the household. If those payments are the sole income source, then taxes are not likely to accrue. With addi... Read More »

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Are there any scholarship for california GED recipient?

Lafango is currently hosting a scholarship essay contest with no GPA requirement Luck!

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According to the PayPal privacy policy, personal information may be shared in order to process payments, including: contact information, date of sign-up, number of PayPal payments received from Pay... Read More »

When are 1099 forms due to the recipient?

1099-MISC forms are due on January 31 of the tax, according to the Internal Revenue Service, unless the independent contractor earned less than $400. You have until February 15 to furnish a 1099 if... Read More »

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