Does a cardiologist s opinion have to be taken as gospel if you disagree with his opinion?

Answer Many people with a history of a heart attack will be prescribed blood pressure medicines. This is not necessarily to treat the diagnosis of hypertension (high blood pressure). People that have ha... Read More »

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How to Use IE Spell to Spell Check on Yahoo! Messenger?

Internet Explorer (IE) is the Windows default web browser and it comes with a built-in spell-checking function. Whenever a word is mistyped, a red line appears underneath the word. This spell-check... Read More »

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Because of the lymphoma history, it's important to get things like this checked out by the doctor because lymphoma can spread to bone. With any luck at all this is unrelated to the cancer, but you ... Read More »

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No. if you get your nose done, your face will look really wierd. Remember, we are born with our features in proportion to the rest of our face. Ever seen cat woman? Read More »