Would you leave a tip if the waitress was obviously drunk At a diner not a bar.?

Answer I believe that a waitres' tip should directly coincide with her service. I usually start out with a point system. You get five points. For everything you do that pisses me off, I subtract points. F... Read More »

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Why is McDonalds so popular when the food it is so obviously unhealthy for you?

Ronald McDonald and his temples of obesitiy should all be burned to the ground. Evil places that only serve to clog the veins of the world's population! As for their 'salads'... what a joke, they a... Read More »

Do you have a friend who obviously doesn't know what a meatball is?

World's Largest Meatball was Italian eatery in Concord, New Hampshire set the new record at 222.5 pounds. oooooohhhhh not any one.....

Do vegans use medicines which were obviously once tested on animals?

VOCs or vegans of conveneince will use medicine when they need it. No a real vegan should not a use a medicine that was tested on an animal. If a vegan uses a medication, vaccination or what not th... Read More »

Need friends because I was Abused by the man who said he loved me, but obviously didn't?

You are SO better off without him even though you may doubt yourself now, know you did the right thing for all 3 of your kids!