How to Use IE Spell to Spell Check on Yahoo! Messenger?

Answer Internet Explorer (IE) is the Windows default web browser and it comes with a built-in spell-checking function. Whenever a word is mistyped, a red line appears underneath the word. This spell-check... Read More »

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Why do i feel so nauseous ?

The causes of nausea are many.Food poisoningMedicationsPregnancyDisequilibriumStress and depressionSome common causes of nausea are motion sickness, dizziness, fainting, gastroenteritis (stomach in... Read More »

Woke up nauseous...?

you are constipated.Get some laxatives and the nausea will go when you pass your back log of stool.

HELP!! what do i eat if im nauseous?

Soup.Drink sips of gatorade, or any clear electroylyte filled drink, no milk.Toast, white bread.

Can heartburn make you nauseous?

On One Hand: Mild Nausea May OccurHeartburn occurs when stomach acid leaks back into the esophagus. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common symptom of heartburn is a burning sensation in the ... Read More »