How to Spell in Spanish?

Answer Learning Spanish as a second language can be tough. Not only do you have to learn an entirely new vocabulary, you also have to face conjugating verbs and pronouncing the words correctly.Spelling in... Read More »

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How to Spell Princess in Spanish?

The Spanish language differs from the English language in that all nouns are assigned a gender. The word "princess" in Spanish is logically a female noun and, as such, all definite articles and mod... Read More »

How to Like Music in Spanish?

flow with the musicSpanish music isn't necessarily supposed to be with mariachi. There's pop music in Spanish for example Shakira, she also has songs in English. for example my favorite right now i... Read More »

Is music played in Spanish churches?

Music is played in Spanish churches. The Roman Catholic Church, of which many Spanish churches are a part, does not allow secular music, although it does allow classical and sacred music. Music s... Read More »

When did Spanish music originate?

What is commonly referred to as "Spanish" music--polyphonic singing and ornate acoustic guitar, for example--began during the 16th century. This time, called the Reconquista, or reconquest, was a t... Read More »