How do you spell headphones in Greek letters?

Answer I don't know why don't you tell ME!

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What do the letters in the Greek alphabet mean?

The 24 letters of both the ancient and modern Greek alphabet are phonetic, in that one sign equals one sound or articulation, and so they do not carry meaning as pictures or symbols. However, the h... Read More »

How do i find greek letters in word?

Open Microsoft Word and place the cursor exactly in the spot where you want the Greek letter to show up. Click on "Insert" at the top of Word. Select the "Symbol" option to open a dialog box; in Wo... Read More »

What word spell out the letters n o c l o s e?

There are two words that can be made from the letters noclose - these are colones and console.

How to Get Accent Marks Over Letters in Greek in Microsoft Word?

Although English letters don't tend to have accent marks other than a dot, many other languages do have accent marks, such as Hungarian, Dutch and Greek. When you want to use letters from another l... Read More »