How to Use IE Spell to Spell Check on Yahoo! Messenger?

Answer Internet Explorer (IE) is the Windows default web browser and it comes with a built-in spell-checking function. Whenever a word is mistyped, a red line appears underneath the word. This spell-check... Read More »

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Tortoise or TV in my room?

tortoises live for a VERY long time, it may even live longer than you. Get a TV.

How big will a russian tortoise get?

The Russian tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii)--also known as the Russian box turtle, four-toed tortoise or Afghanistan tortoise--is a small tortoise species. Females generally grow larger than mal... Read More »

Description of a Gopher Tortoise?

The gopher tortoise is a member of the testudinidae family, more commonly referred to as tortoises. Like all members of this family, the gopher tortoise is a slow-moving reptile that carries a heav... Read More »

How much does a Russian tortoise cost?

The price of a Russian tortoise depends on the age and gender of the tortoise. As of 2010, an adult male cost around $100, while a female cost about $150. Baby Russian tortoises generally cost betw... Read More »