How can I look more Caucasian?

Answer First of all, I say embrace your racial heritage and rock it man!But when you say that it is more beneficially to look racially ambiguous as an asian actor, I do agree, but based on the asian actor... Read More »

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What is the meaning of caucasian?

Caucasian is a term often found in demographics surveys for job ads, the census and school application forms as a term for describing people of European ancestry. The word, it turns out, refers not... Read More »

How to Do Dreadlocks in Caucasian Hair?

If you're planning on wearing dreadlocks, be aware that the styling process will be more complicated if you're Caucasian. That's because your hair texture is usually not as thick or coarse as a bla... Read More »

How to Do Dreads on Caucasian Hair?

Dreadlocks are easier to achieve in African hair because it is thicker and often has tighter curls. However, it is possible to create dreadlocks in Caucasion hair as well. Caucasian hair is thinner... Read More »

Who was the first caucasian to discover the Americas?

If the word caucasian is understood to mean "of European origin," then it is generally agreed that credit for this belongs to Leif Ericsson, an Icelandic explorer who is believed to have landed in ... Read More »