How do you speed up labor after losing plug?

Answer You do not speed it up, if your Doctor wants to or needs to he/she can induce labor, however, if you have lost your mucous plug just be patient. As a matter of fact as I am writing this I am thinki... Read More »

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Can you go into labor before losing your mucus plug?

YES - not every woman will lose her mucus plug... Sometimes you dilate without dilating enough to lose the plug, and contractions and labor can start before you lose the plug!

How soon does labor start after losing your mucus plug?

It varies with every woman. You can't necessarily estimate how long it takes. Some women can lose their mucus plug at 28 to 36 weeks and still don't go into labor for a few other weeks. Losing your... Read More »

How long before labor will begin i am 34 weeks pregnant and I'm losing my mucus plug now in clumps it's clear and thick?

I know it seems like things are moving along quickly, but this is just a sign that your cervix is changing and not that labor is imminent. It is normal for women's cervices to soften and open. This... Read More »

Is it safe to have sex after losing your mucus plug?

AnswerYes, it is safe to have sex after losing your mucus plug.can it harm the baby