How do you soothe sunburns?

Answer Soak in some dreft laundry soap(you know the baby kind) in the tub (I know sounds strange but it helps)dry off carefully or air dry ,when done(Oh that is right you are already done, sorry, but I co... Read More »

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How do you get sunburns out?

Keep outta the sun & drink lots of water [that helps your skin heal quicker]. Other than that, it's just a question of time really. Just wait it out :)

How do i get rid of sunburns fast?

Products containing aloe vera and/or lavender are extremely beneficial for speedy skin healing. Buy some lavender oil and mix it with any skin lotion that you have to hand.

Can African-Americans get sunburns?

According to the American Cancer Society, African-Americans can get sunburns. Although the condition is much more common in lighter-skinned individuals, this group of Americans still need to take p... Read More »

Quick Cure For Sunburns?

aloe!! it works alot try it out u can get it at any grocery store