How do you soften leather garden gloves?

Answer With use they'll soften up. Mink oil softens and conditions leather very well.

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How to Make Fingerless Gloves from Leather Gloves?

Want to make fingerless gloves like the ones you see the bikers wear on TV? It's not that difficult–you just need some time and a pair of gloves.

How do I soften suede gloves?

Gently Brush GlovesBegin by gently brushing the gloves to remove any dirt or debris. A metal brush made specifically for suede may be used, or a soft toothbrush will suffice in most cases.Cornmeal ... Read More »

How do you soften the leather in stiff leather shoes?

originally, leather used to be dipped in urine to soften it and the smell never quite went away...

How to Buy Leather Gloves?

Everyone deserves to have a nice pair of leather gloves, and they deserve to have gloves that fit correctly. If you are buying leather gloves for a gift, it's important to know a bit about the mate... Read More »