How to Sing Happy Birthday?

Answer "Happy Birthday" is one of the easiest and earliest songs a person learns. Unfortunately, there are some people who don't know it, and thankfully this article is here to help!

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How to Sing Happy Birthday in French?

Ever bored of English? Try french! Start of with happy Birthday! Don't worry, I will teach you! *Note: This writing is just how to pronounce it not spell it

How to Sing a Different Version of Happy Birthday?

Why sing the usual version of Happy Birthday when there is an even funnier version? Mix it up a little bit and use that version instead!

Good restaurants where they sing happy birthday in Phoenix, AZ?

Happy BIRTHDAY and happy bedrest, Nina!?

Awww, Thank you all so much! You guys are the best!!! And... Happy [cough-cough Saturday] Birthday to you too, Rosie. PQ: Yes with all 3- 31wks, 30wks, and 31wks. And now if I can just keep my... Read More »