How do you sign over the rights to a child in Louisiana?

Answer Answer A person who wishes to relinquish parental rights may do so by petitioning the family or domestic relations court of jurisdiction. The relinquishment of parental rights, will not release the... Read More »

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Can a father sign over rights to a child he adopted but has not seen the child in five years the child does not know him?

You adopted a child 2 years ago you are now divorced and want to sign over your rights how do you do this and will you still have to pay child support if the child is not biologically mine?

England and Wales It is not possible to "sign over rights". If you have adopted a child, you have a duty to maintain until that child has left non-advanced education or reached 19 years old, whiche... Read More »

Can a dad sign over his rights to his child if there is no one in the mothers life to adopt the child?

It seems unlikely that the courts would accept this. Anyway, terminating parental rights does not terminate child support. see links

If you sign over your parental rights to a child do you still have to pay child support?

That would be the decision of the judge and the laws in your jurisdiction. In most cases signing over physical parental rights does not relieve the parent of their financial obligation unless the o... Read More »