How do you sign a cast that is black in color?

Answer Craft-store opaque neon colored paints, they've got ones that you can just apply by squeezing the bottle.White out's kind of boring (not to mention terrible for writing,) and metallic pens wont wri... Read More »

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When printing with only color ink left, what color can i print that is almost the same as black?

No, you need all the colorsWITH MOST PRINTERS, you are required to have ink in both the black and color ink cartridges in order to print in black as they work in conjunction with each other. So you... Read More »

R&P..sign my cast?

"Go to sleep and dream againSoon your hopes will rise and then From all this gloomLife can start anewAnd there'll be no crying soon"Get well soon.BA1: VioletBA2: Back to the Future Part IIBA3: 1001... Read More »

Black is a color. white is also a color. Then why black&white TV is not called as a color TV?

In technical terms, it's simple:Black is not a color... it is the absence of all colorWhite, on the other hand, is a mix of all colors. However... technically, and more accurately, a black and whit... Read More »

What's ink cartridge that does it all or a separate for black and color?

I have TWO Canon printers that have separate Cyan, Magenta and Yellow cartridges. I used HP deskjet before this. Canon Ink is MUCH cheaper, and I have found that one color goes faster than the ... Read More »