How do you shut your computer down by using the keyboard?

Answer For Windows XP: Press 'Ctrl+Esc, U, S, EnterFor Vista: Win + Right Arrow (x3) + Enter

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When you're finished using your computer is it best to log off, shut down, restart or just walk away?

Contrary to one of the previous answers, computers do not "need sleep." They are electronic machines and don't require being turned off in order to work well. Think - how does Yahoo Answers stay ... Read More »

How to Shut Down a Remote Computer Using CMD?

Remotely logging into computers is an ideal way to administer remote machines or get data from a computer that you aren't physically able to reach. But if you ever need to shut down a remote comput... Read More »

My computer will not shut down or sleep using the normal orders...what could the problem be?

hmmm ... I think it too frequently visits the Starbucks site and sips on the free expresso offers. Try weaning it off & onto Earl Grey tea. That stuff is so boring ... it'll be asleep in no time

Do you shut your computer down?

I also have a surge protector, but i do shut mine down when there is lightning during a storm, just to be safe. i already had lightning take one of my computers.