How do you show you are responsible enough to get a cell phone?

Answer Do chorse and dust and vaccum her room and try not to make her mad at u i have a phone and i did all thoughs things to get a phone and if u whant one try these steps first

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How can I show my parents that I am responsible enough to own a cell phone?

ive had a phone since 3rd grade...uhmm do yur work, try and get good grades, try and be obiedient, spend a lot of time with yur parents, show them yu luv them, try not to hang out with people they ... Read More »

How to Show Your Parents You Are Responsible Enough to Own a Pet?

Feeding is a daily responsibilityA lot of children have a dream to own a special pet, but many parents do not allow them to because they think that their child is not responsible enough. Don't give... Read More »

How to Be Responsible Cell Phone Owner?

Cell phones are fun when you are a teen. But they can easily become manipulated by other students, broken, stolen, or lost.

How to Know if Your Child Is Old Enough for a Cell Phone?

Does this sound familiar: "But mom, all the other kids have them"? Approximately 4 out of 5 teenagers now carry cell phones, and there are children as young as 5 or 6 with their own cell phones. So... Read More »