How do you show you are responsible enough to get a cell phone?

Answer Do chorse and dust and vaccum her room and try not to make her mad at u i have a phone and i did all thoughs things to get a phone and if u whant one try these steps first

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How can I show my parents that I am responsible enough to own a cell phone?

ive had a phone since 3rd grade...uhmm do yur work, try and get good grades, try and be obiedient, spend a lot of time with yur parents, show them yu luv them, try not to hang out with people they ... Read More »

How to Be Responsible Cell Phone Owner?

Cell phones are fun when you are a teen. But they can easily become manipulated by other students, broken, stolen, or lost.

Is my mom being strict if she won't let me go the mall by my self I'm 16 years old I get strait A's in school I'm very responsible and I have a cell phone.?

No, she's not being strict. My mother is the exact same way. She's just being protective. Malls can be frightening and unsafe places. Don't get in fights with her, because that will just further pu... Read More »

How to Watch a Favorite TV Show on a Cell Phone?

Cell phones are not just for making calls anymore. With your cell phone you can surf the internet, share photos and listen to your favorite music. But now you can also watch TV on your cell phone.