How do you show approval to babies?

Answer Have a big smile on your face maybe do a little clap and just generally make them smile/laugh

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When are babies able to show distress?

AnswerIts been shown as early as the womb, when the mother is under pressure or something is physically not right with the pregnancy. Then after being born, the child will definitely react to tensi... Read More »

What was the skit on The Muppet Show that had the flying or tossed babies in the background?

If a stork brings white babies and a swan brings black babies what brings no babies?

MY mom tells me she's gana sell Me to the gay magic pet stork of Micheal jacksom

Is genetic testing of prenatal babies harmful to the health of the babies and/or the mothers?

On One Hand: Genetic Testing Poses RisksPrenatal genetic testing of a developing fetus is done on fetal cells taken through amniocentesis, a sampling of amniotic fluid, or chorionic villus sampling... Read More »