How do you shave your vagina hair Girls only please :)?

Answer I never use shaving cream, not even on my legs, and I shave it all off. You just have to be careful. I just press the razor gently to my skin and shave. Don't add a lot of pressure like you would y... Read More »

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Why do girls shave/wax/cut their pubic hair?

Do most girls shave their pubic hair?

most girls keep bare down there. haha. for sure. having pubes is unattractive and, frankly, it's itchy. get rid of 'em!

Do girls prefer men to shave their pubic hair?

It varies and usually once you have been with a partner a while you will get more comfortable with each other bodies and will not be afraid to do things or say things you want and experiment together.

Girls, what is your view of women out there who dont shave body hair and let it grow naturally?