How do you set your own texting ringtone for the driod incredible?

Answer buy them from itunes

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Is there a way to look up contacts on your Driod Incredible phone if you get it taken away?

very difficult to explore and find cool android gaiming apps. i think air fligt control is the right app for you witch is different, apealing and dose not have any typical element . i just simply l... Read More »

Is there any FREE, no strings attached ringtone site were I can get an Escape the Fate ringtone?

www.myxertones.comthe ringtones are completely free and you can choose what part of the song you want

Is the driod better than the iphone?

Answer 1: Nope, dont waste your time.Answer 2: I think you should actually decide that yourself. It's a matter of personal opinion, really.

What is better the Iphone or Driod?

Answer 1: I phone:)Answer 2: Actually, I think they are both great phones. You should really find out which one works for you. Sorry if I was no help, but I feel that if you are thinking of buying ... Read More »