How do you set up the convergence on a Sony 43 inch rear projection tv?

Answer Sounds more like the convergence amplifiers have burned out. But on Sony's, they had an auto-convergence system in most of 'em, so try it. If it doesn't work, then I'd think you may hove more ser... Read More »

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How do I adjust the convergence on an Apex rear projection TV?

Convergence menuPress "Menu" on the remote control until you see the Setup menu onscreen. Press the channel up or down button until "Convergence" is highlighted and press "VOL+" to bring up that me... Read More »

How do you adjust convergence on Panasonic rear projection tv PT51642V?

PT51642V is the model of your Panasonic remote control, not your TV. If you Improve your question to note the model of TV you have, we can help.

Are 45-inch rear-projection RCA TVs digital?

While rear-projection RCA TVs certainly look less slim than their HDTV counterparts, they still have the same hardware on the inside. Rear-projection is just a construction standard, which doesn't ... Read More »

I have a 52 inch rear projection TV, is it possible to wall mount it?

There are no wall mount available for any rear projection tv in the market that I know of. You might be able to build a shelf on the wall that can hold your rear projection up. This also depends on... Read More »