How do you set up a property for section 8 housing?

Answer If you are interested in renting to section 8 renters, i would talk to your local housing authority.

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Is section 8 housing the same as section 236?

No, it's not: section a is more applicable towards renting the unit, while section 236 has more to do with financing of a property.

Can a relative on section 8 live in your rental How Can you rent your Property through section 8 How can your rental house be classified section 8?

How do i qualify for section 8 housing?

IncomeContact your local Public Housing Administration (PHA) office to obtain the local median income for your area. Get your yearly gross income from your previous year's tax returns. Divide your ... Read More »

What is section 8 housing?

Section 8 housing is government subsidized housing for low-income persons. Section 8 Housing is one of two programs: the Voucher program (known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program), and the Publ... Read More »