Who invented the game solitaire?

Answer Solitaire was first mentioned in writing in the late 1700s. Originally used as a possible form of fortune telling, Solitaire was also known as "Patience" in France, and "Solitario" in Spain. The fi... Read More »

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Is every game of solitaire winnable?

Some games of solitaire are not winnable. People sometimes implement rule changes to increase the likelihood that a game will be winnable. For example, one common variation is to turn over cards fr... Read More »

Instructions for an Electronic Solitaire Game?

Personal computers are used for a variety of reasons, including recreational purposes. Electronic games are increasing in popularity, with users of all ages gravitating to different types of gaming... Read More »

Solitaire Marble Game Instructions?

Solitaire Marble, a simple strategy game, consists of a cross-shaped board with 45 circular spaces and 44 marbles. Game-play consists of moving one marble over another so that the first marble land... Read More »

Instructions for Solitaire Card Game?

The name "solitaire" refers to any one of a number of card games requiring only one player. Computers in 2010 frequently come loaded with as many as three different versions of the game, including ... Read More »