How do you set up a Panasonic 3D blu ray player to your tv?

Answer CD is mainly used for distributing music,while DVD can store more data and used to distribute movies and BLUE RAY can hold up to 50GB.

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What is the difference between Panasonic 65ef-k blue ray playerand the Panasonic 65eb-k blue ray player?

Unfortunately, it doesn't. A DVD is a standard definition video source with either 480 or 576 lines of information in the picture. Playing a standard definition video source on high definition equi... Read More »

Which Blu ray player Sony or Panasonic?

Why does the video on my panasonic blu ray player cut out?

I would look on the panasonic support forums maybe there is an issue with a setting or similar.I have 2 panasonic blu rays with zero issues,make sure you have latest firmware and also there are no ... Read More »

Why wont your Panasonic blu ray DVD player work?

As for DVD ISO movies, you can use the Apple DVD player to playback. But Apple inc still make their computer not support the Blu-rays. So you need other tools to help you play Blu-ray ISO on Mac. A... Read More »