How do you set recorded sounds saved on phone as a ringtone on the iphone 4?

Answer I have completed all except level 35. My husband and very capable brother have also tried to help on level 35. I am of the opinion that there is a mistake made on it. One bendy pipe missing. If any... Read More »

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How do you set a ringtone when its saved in my sounds?

How do you make the recorded sound in the Fun Voices application as ringtone on iPhone?

mms (In the text message app) or plug it into your computer - in the folder on the apple iphone camera

IPhone can recorde sounds while on the phone?

They sell a 16GB (3500-4000 songs) and a 32GB (7000-8000 songs)

Where are iphone phone numbers saved on a computer?

On a Mac, in the Address Book.On Windows, in the System Address Book (used by Outlook or Outlook Express)