How do you set margins to 1 inch in Microsoft word?

Answer 1. Go to "File" in the upper left hand corner.2. Click on "Page-set up" it should be third on the list.3. A box will pop up..When it asks about margins, set them all to 1. hope that helps...

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How to Right Justify Margins in Microsoft Word?

As one of the major software programs to offer an array of document-formatting tools, Microsoft Word lets you create documents from simple personal letters to full-fledged business reports and prof... Read More »

How do you make 1inch margins on microsoft word?

Page Setup is where this should be done.The questions are: What type of file was being opened with MS-Word, or was this entered into a new document??Also, have Sections been applied to the document??

How to Create 1-Inch Margins?

Giving your document a 1-inch margin on one or both sides allows for space at either side for making holes for filing or for binding. Whether you want to draw your margin on hard copy or present a ... Read More »

How to Set Margins in Microsoft Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher has 2 types of margin controls: page margins, which determine the amount of space between the edges of the page to the text and graphics on it, and text box margins, which deter... Read More »