How do you set a direct tv reminder?

Answer It really depends.. I had Comcast for about 5 years and decided to switch to DirecTV about a year and a half ago.. I absolutely love it! DTV has the priced locked in while Comcast only has the "6 m... Read More »

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I bought a direct tv dvr box at a wharehouse store I am canceling direct tv and going to cable will this box work to record shows once the cable is on or is this box worthless without direct?

How to Set a Reminder on an iPad?

The Reminders app is a useful tool to remind you of important events or, as is often the case, relatively unimportant things like remembering to buy milk! Here’s how to create a reminder on your ... Read More »

How to Create a New Reminder in Ios 5?

Apple has included many new features in iOS 5, the latest operating system update for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A new Reminders app provides native to-do lists and reminders, allowing you to by... Read More »

How to Set Reminder Messages on MLL Cue?

Do you find it hard to remember things like your friend’s birthday, anniversaries, taking medicine, appointments, meetings, what to pickup from grocery shop etc.? Or maybe you are too busy all da... Read More »