How do you set Google as your home page?

Answer There should be a " make this my homepage" link at the bottom .=D

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How do I set google as my home page (like the page when you open up your google chrome)?

At the top right corner of chrome, you should see a wrench. Click it and select settings. It should bring up a new window and you should see a section "on startup". Select the "open a specific o... Read More »

How to Make Google Your Home Page?

Have you ever hated the fact that Google isn't there when you open up your internet?Do your friends laugh when you are on your browser because that famous site isn't your homepage?Well you can lear... Read More »

How do I set Google as my home page?

on the right of the internet search bar, there is a little wrench. click it, then click options. set homepage to

Can i make google my home page?

You can make Google your home page. Popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari have a function that allow users to select their home page. The process for changi... Read More »