How do you send pics in Facebook in chat?

Answer go to inbox bit there a add button click in that and u should be able to add it if not use ebuddy chat

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How to Send a Shark on Facebook Chat?

With Facebook chat, you can talk to people on your friends list in real time if they are online. Since Facebook launched its chat feature in 2008, new emoticons have been added to help you better e... Read More »

How do i send pics from an email sent to my yahoo to my facebook page?

You Can Send it to your Photo Email Address to Find your Photo Email Address on your Phone Go to Facebook Go to the Photo Upload Page on the Upload Page it Should Give you the Email Address Send it... Read More »

Does it take a long time for you guys to send a video via Facebook chat?

no it doesn't.......i think its faster than uploading a pic.>check your connection. :best of Luck

How do i edit pics such as my pics and funny pics going around facebook these days?

Well Different People Probably Use Different Programs a Popular Photo Editing Program is Photoshop