How do you see how many gigabytes you have used (or not used) on your pc?

Answer Click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Then right click on the C drive in the menu that you see. Then click on "Properties". That gives you a chart of how much free disc space you hav... Read More »

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What do you do if you used all the gigabytes?

You can check the data counters on your handset, or normally you can log on to your account with your service provider and you should b able to see a real time summary of your usage.

How to See How Many Messages You Have Used on Verizon?

Verizon Wireless offers two easy ways to check how many text messages you have sent and received since your last statement cycle began. Verizon has several texting plans to choose from, including p... Read More »

How Many Miles Should a Used Car Have?

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How many gigabytes does the Xbox 360 Pro have?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Pro model comes with a hard drive, which is used to play online, and download, save and store music, games and videos. The Xbox 360 Pro model is sold with a 60 gigabyte hard dr... Read More »